Vị trí : Kỹ sư tự động hóa

Mức lương: Engineer I : 9M ~ 14M & Engineer II : 15M ~ 22M


  • Automation Equipment Programming
  • PLC Base Software Development and Improvement
  • PLC - HMI Design and Communication


  • HMI Standardization and Functional Items Development
  • Improve and Optimize the PLC Durability for Each Project
  • Elevate the Automation Team Recognition in PLC and HMI.
  • Error Code Report Standard Establish



  • College or above degree in Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Electronic Engineering. 
  • Language: English (Normal at 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)


  • Automation Control Logic Diagram
  • Signal Handshaking and Teaching
  • Servo Drive Application
  • Electronic Components Application


  • PLC Programming (Mitsubishi, OMRON, SIEMENS…..)
  •  HMI (Human Machine Interface) Design Experience
  • (Mitsubishi, Pro-face…)
  • System Durability Analysis
  • AC / Servo Driver Application and Tuning
  • Document Processing software


  • Working Passion
  • Cheerful and Optimism Personality
  • High EQ
  • Teamwork, Mutual Trust & Respect.
  • Exercise Habit

Job Title : Mechanical Engineer

Basic job description:

  • Mechanical design for new equipment, tool and fixture
  • Existing equipment modification with electrical team support
  • Engineering document management
  • Project coordination and progress tracking
  • Support  Nike automation project validations
  • Support  Vision System development (optional but a plus)
  • Lead and coach junior engineers and provide on –job training


  • Education : University
  • English : Intermediate
  • Working Experience/Skill Required
  • Familiar with drawing software (AutoCAD, solid works, solid edge)
  • Familiar with electrical components (Pneumatic and hydraulic components)
  • At least 5+ years on 2D & 3D engineering drawing
  • Experience with PLC programming (optional but plus)
  • Experience with HMI & SCADA(optional but plus)
  • AOI (Vision ) system design and development(optional but plus)

Job Title : Electrical Engineering

Job Duties

  • Complete the automation equipment system integration
  • Ensure the existing system improvement
  • Ensure the electrical wiring and electronic safety
  • Ensure Mechatronic system development


  • Setup the automation system components standardization
  • Integrate the machines to data base system
  • Improve the system electrical durability and performance
  • Connect the control system and mechanism
  • Setup the electronic safety guideline
  • Improve the mechatronic system durability
  • Intergrade the control system and mechanism
  • Elevate the automation team recognition in mechatronic
  • Education : College or above degree in Mechanical engineering / Electrical Electronic Engineering
  • Experience : More than 2 year working experience
  • Other certificates : Language :English


  • Servo Drive communication
  • Signal handshaking and teaching
  • Automation electrical diagram
  • Electrical wiring engineering and safety regulation
  • Electronic components application ( Relay, IO unit , Terminal Block, Breaker..)


  • PLC program design
  • Electrical wiring
  • Industrial communication knowledge
  • System durability analysis
  • System configuration and optimization
  • Document processing software


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